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Aloha! Coucou! (H)ola! Hello! This chubby ginger cub rolled into SL over 9 years ago, not really knowing what he was getting himself into at the time. Been a dancer and host for several gay clubs on the grid, until my friend from Brazil who is sadly no longer with us (Harry Newmann) told me one day I should try being a DJ instead, when we had one of our evenings sharing music videos via YouTube. Some friends suggested to first get some music together, so by the time I was ready to debut back in July 2017, I was excited to tell him the time had finally come, but he was offline for some days… he never got expierence a set of mine, but I know his spirit is still with me and without him I would not be doing this still. I do not mix myself, but as I grew up with music from my parents and grandparents, along with my international friends I met along the road (even been a Manager at the international Yala Club), my ears have opened to a lot of music of around the world I would not have discovered otherwise and it makes me happy to share all the sounds with those that are willing to dive into my eclectic collection. Also, I love cats, meow.

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