Behind the Scenes with EdinSL—Eclipse Festival

Ed (EdinSL) has not yet done it all – but through M.I.C.A.H.; he just might! From co-creating a venue with his family (SueinSL and PhilinSL) that supports musicians across the grid, to competing for a top spot during the ongoing Viral Voice competition (tune in here to get caught up, and VOTE!) Ed and M.I.C.A.H. will soon debut an immersive experience for lovers of music, shopping, and the arts: the Eclipse Music Festival.

Lutz Music was invited for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the inaugural festival, coming to the M.I.C.A.H. sim September 12th and 13th. Welcome to the behind the scenes look at the Eclipse Music Festival sponsored by Vside Radio Streams and hosted by M.I.C.A.H.

The performance schedules are lined up!

Saturday, September 12th

5am – Holly Giles

6am – Ugly Bill 

7am – Jack Dryden

8am – Mimi Carpenter

9am – Wolfie Starfire

10am – Lexus Melodie

11am – Winter Winters

12pm – Erika Ordinary

1pm – Agatha Martin

2pm – Special Viral Voice Contestant Performance from Parallel Universe Productions

Sunday, September 13

7.30am – Scots Paul

9.00am – The Dutchess – (Jayda Purz)

10.30am – Mashy Sevens

12pm – Timothy Falta

Make sure you pop in to catch some of the most popular performers on the grid hit the stage! Speaking of stages – the unique logo on top of the stage was created exclusively for the festival by Morf Galaxy. Explore more of his wares here.

Is it even a festival without some merch?  Check out the content creators that will have booths at the festival: 

The Hutch




Space Oddity


Auradacious Boutique

Brats (Official designer of the exclusive Eclipse Music Festival t-shirt)

Also available for purchase exclusively at the Eclipse Music Festival is this fully furnished beach home by TRU CReations.

Jayda Purz, artist in residence at M.I.C.A.H., has a tent at the Eclipse Music Festival to feature her latest photography exhibition. 

In true M.I.C.A.H. fashion, there’s a treasure hunt at the Eclipse Music Festival! Search high, search low, wherever you go—explore the nooks, and crannies to find the 5 Elemental Stones (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit) in order to win…no, not the Infinity Gauntlet, but the M.I.C.A.H. Trophy!

Sponsoring the Eclipse Music Festival is Vside Streams—all streams at the festival will be graciously provided by them!

Hungry? Is it even a festival without proper noms and refreshment? Stop by any of these booths to get your snack on!

Any festival goer should be sure to check out what lurks beneath the surface…

…you never know where you may find an oasis hidden among the reverie of the day!

Release the kraken! (You have my guarantee it’s totally safe to explore this pirate ship!)

Here there be pirate…booty! Puns aside, this ship is worth a closer look! 

The goddess overlooks the Eclipse Music Festival.

This concludes Lutz Music’s behind the scenes exclusive look at the Eclipse Music Festival, and we hope you all mark your calendars for the event! 

Article written by Sól Mercury