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DJ Lucky Spiritor

I’m Lucky Spiritor (Lucky Conundrum) thanks for taking a few moments to wonder about who I am. I have been a Second Life member since July of 2009. My original avatar has long since been retired and I have been active on this one off and on since August 16, 2011. I finally took the step of doing the one thing I hadn't done and that is DJing. I play music of all varieties, but love rock the most. I've been branching out and totally love to mix things up when the opportunity is right. I love DJing for the crowd, whether it be big or small, seeing people into what I'm playing or discovering a new artist or song makes my night.

You can join Inworld SL DJ group here: DJ Lucky’s Charms
You can view my DJ Calendar here: DJ Lucky Spiritor’s Calendar

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2 Reviews


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