Halloween is a few weeks away, but like most of SL, the spooky season has descended upon M.I.C.A.H. (Moonshadow Island Creative Arts Hub). You may be familiar with M.I.C.A.H. as a hub and resource for new and current performers in SL.  Recently, the staff at M.I.C.A.H. has been working hard to curate unique experiences of all varieties for people in SL to enjoy!

Lutz Music received an invitation to participate in the Eclipse Lab Halloween Tour, which includes an interactive and engaging treasure hunt, and a fun costume party afterward—a true mix of tricks and treats!

The Eclipse Lab Halloween Tour starts with EdinSL, the tour guide, helping participants navigate the eerily empty lab.

The brave participants gathered onto the elevator. Will everyone make it through to the end of this treasure hunt? Time will tell…one thing is for sure, participants will want to make sure to keep their wits about them as they journey on to complete the tour.

As each piece of the puzzle is completed, participants find themselves delving deeper and deeper into hidden mysteries of the Eclipse Lab. Various staff members of M.I.C.A.H. participate in the storytelling so that each participant of the tour is able to become more engrossed in the tour.

The due diligence(and survival) of each participant is rewarded at the end of the Eclipse Lab Halloween Tour: in the form of this lovely trophy that you can wear or rez in your home upon completion!

Once the participants have recovered from the thrilling, chilling, tour, they are whisked away to party! Tunes are provided by DJ Jayda Purz, and is a truly fun way to relax after the Halloween tour!

If you are interested in participating in the Eclipse Lab Halloween Tour, you have two more dates to attend the event. Tickets are available for purchase through the Second Life Marketplace for either October 17th or October 24th.

To keep up with all of the truly outstanding events hosted by M.I.C.A.H., please follow their Facebook page! Rumor has it that there may be a holiday show coming down the pipeline so make sure you follow their page so you won’t miss out!

Included photos of this event were provided by Jayda Purz.