~EDGE~ Venue Review

LutzMuic was invited to explore ~EDGE~, a charming, scenic, venue located along the northeastern coast of New England.

Landing at the sim gives first-time visitors the opportunity to sit on the cozy ottoman and immerse themselves in the lush, green, surroundings. The landing space also gives visitors the chance to orient themselves with the sim-wide events. All of their events are posted in-world as well as on various social media networks such as Flickr, Discord, and Facebook. Edge currently hosts karaoke nights, storytime, movie nights, and of course, live music!

The live music events are hosted at the Edge Venue, a greenhouse that is augmented by whimsical vines that give off a bohemian vibe to welcome visitors to enter the thriving, creative, space.

The interior of the space is ethereal and the stage is large enough to host solo and group acts alike! The airy space surrounding the stage is intimate enough to be able to truly interact with the performance in a meaningful way but spacious enough to also dance the night away!

For those who prefer to enjoy the music from a short distance, Edge provides several cocktail tables for patrons to mingle and chat.

Edge also provides several lounging spaces with plush seating for those who like to relax. They do a phenomenal job of incorporating elements into the interior from the exterior, giving the space a dreamy feel.

Surrounding the perimeter of Edge are various spots that are ideal for canoodling or for taking the perfect shot for Flickr!

The crowd at Edge is engaging and welcoming—you can chat as much or as little as you want with the crowd, whilst enjoying the performance. Everyone is very supportive of those wishing to share their talent with others!

Edge attracts some of the biggest singers and DJs on the SL music scene and hopes to become a destination for new talent looking to grow their audience. Live music is hosted on Thursdays and Saturdays and live DJs are hosted on Sundays.

To stay up to date with events join the in-world EDGE Group or follow their various social media links:

You can also view their calendar of events!

Written by Sól for Lutz Music.