EdinSL Viral Voice—8th August 2020

The hum of quiet conversation filled the air as the audience, composed of the who’s who in Second Life’s music scene, sat in anticipation of Viral Voice’s third episode. The performers sat off to the left of the stage, waiting as well. Would their time spent learning new songs, building a set to theme, and perfecting their stage presence reward them with a coveted spot for the following week to do it all again? Only time would tell. 

Seated to the far right of the stage was EdinSL. Ed’s broad smile, welcoming aura, and stylish dress gives the appearance of a performer with a goal to be recognized grid-wide for his voice. 

After several entertaining performances from the other contestants in the competition, Ed was called to the stage as the eighth performer of the afternoon to perform. The genre was R&B/hip hop and Ed chose to perform a song that solidified John Legend’s superstar status, Ordinary People. 

Seated at a piano (surely a subtle nod to John Legend), Ed began to sing the lyrics of the poignant ballad, and one could not help but be entirely captivated by the emotion in his voice as he sang. Ed’s voice swelled, never strained, as the song continued, but it was full of power to carry the emotional depth of the song. Crystal clear enunciation and a steady confidence in his greatest instrument, his pure voice, quickly made Ed the standout performance of the afternoon. 

Ed’s set for the performance relied on a minimalist design that resembled the interior of a home. This allowed Ed’s heartfelt singing and the beautiful choreographed dance with his partner, Jayda, to be the primary focus of the performance. 

As mentioned above, Ed is a contestant in SL’s Viral Voice competition. Aside from Ed’s performance, the best part of the afternoon was when we spoke with Ed’s family and friends who lent their support for his performance:

SueinSL (sueinsl):  Ed has always been  a very emotional singer and when he sings my heart is full and I’m very proud of  him.

Morf (morf.galaxy): You got this brother, sing your heart out!

ℬαίℓєץ ℒץηη Gαℓαxץ (baileybrighteyes): Ed, your music can change the world, so throw your soul into your performance tonight and blow everyone away. Love Bailey.

Brad Dunn (braddunn2304): Ed blew my mind with his performance this evening! It was bloody brilliant. He’s one of my mates here on SL and an amazing guy. Let’s just say vocally he brings the emotion which leaves me  speechless and feeling the music as it should be—go on Ed! Amazing performance tonight bro!

Here’s how you can help Ed! Votes for contestants in the Viral Voice competition. Check out the latest episode of the Viral Voice competition here, and don’t forget to vote while you’re there!

Written and Photos by Sól (sol.mercury)