M.I.C.A.H Event—31st July 2020

M.I.C.A.H.—the acronym for Moonshadow Isle Creative Arts Hub—is a new venue dedicated to the art of Second Life created by the ‘in SL’ family Ed, Sue and Phil. The venue is named after the song Moonshadow by Cat Stevens which speaks of finding hope in any situation and to be present and joyful.

On Friday night, Lutz Music recieved an invitation to M.I.C.A.H for an event they were holding. I arrived on Lutz Music’s behalf and was warmly greeted. The venue has a Mediterranean feel venue, and the hospitality of the people there matched the decor to perfection.  I had spoken to Ed a little before the event began and he explained that this was only the 2nd month they were open, being a brand new venue they are dedicated to promoting the talent that is rife in Second Life. They want to promote both established artists and create a platform for brand new performers.

Tonight’s performers were Seli Blackmore, Lisa Brune, and Lux. Performing first at 11 AM was Seli.

Seli Blackmore

Seli Blackmore is a singer/songwriter who continues to impress with her silky smooth voice, pure sweet tone, and vivacious personality that will have you humming to yourself with a big smile on your face. She not only performs original songs but covers greats like Fleetwood Mac, Billie Holiday, The Dixie Chicks and even some Aerosmith! Her distinctive voice makes her a “must-hear performer” and you won’t regret spending your time listening to her mesmerizing music.

Lisa Brune

At Noon, Lisa took the stage! Lisa first arrived in Second Life out of curiosity and since 2009 when she would listen and discover artists who make treasures of their live performances in SL. Lisa started to sing in-world in 2011. She was invited to venues from different all over the world—French, Italian, Norwegian, German, and American! She mainly sings covers, but also sings her personal tunes that she has written, as she did today with Dry Tears, Mon intru, and Silence.


Sometimes there are voices that demand we listen to them. Not to their words necessarily, but to their tone, to the emotional undercurrent that carries with it the soul of the speaker. Lux is one of those voices. Happy, upbeat, and seductive. She resides within the digital world of SL and continues to inspire!

Dreamscape Gallery

A gallery curated by Jayda Purz called Dreamscape Gallery can also be found on the sim. There you can enjoy landscape works of art.  She also has a portrait gallery on another sim called The Stoner Hangout  Gallery.

Jayda also snapped shots some amazing shots of the crowd enjoying the music today at the M.I.C.A.H Event!  We at Lutz Music thank for you sharing these pictures with us! Thank you so much for your time today!

There is an interactive treasure hunt going on now through September. This allows anyone involved explore the area in more detail.

Join the group! You won’t want to miss the upcoming events at this venue—including a special music festival in September. To join the Moonshadow Isles Creative Arts Hub just click the name while logged in to SL and then click join when the group info window appears!