MICAH Valentine’s Day Festival

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Valentine’s Day in SL is coming
What will you do?

Ah, love is in the air – and the timing couldn’t be better as this holiday focused on love breaks up the dreary wearies some of us may be experiencing in real life as a result of the winter season. With a continued global focus on the pandemic, many people are relying on SL to fill the void to make meaningful platonic and romantic connections. If you find yourself one of those people, you’re in luck, as Lutz Music was invited to preview MICAH’s latest event: a Valentine’s Day Festival! This festival is sure to bring some loving cheer to every guest!

For the live music aficionados among us, MICAH’s Valentine’s Day Festival will include the following performers on Sunday, February 14th:

2am – A-R-R-A

3am – S-H-E-Y-Z

4am – P o u L

5am – Stinna Sky Light

6am – Ed in SL

We caught up with P o u L, a performer new to the grid from the Philippines! P o u L shared that he is extremely excited to be a part of such a thoughtful way to spend special time with loved ones from all over the grid. With a mix of pop, soul, and rock – you have over 5 hours of live music to groove to with a special guest (or two!)

Pro Tip: Select a song from the performer’s song list and make a dedication to highlight your special person. Performers love to make these requests come true.

In the off chance that you would rather indulge in some excitement, MICAH has you covered! The Valentine’s Day Festival features several theme park attractions to get your heart racing! Roller coasters, bumper cars, and a heart-stopping drop are some of the rides featured!

Once you are done exploring the rides, feel free to meander to MICAH’s Tunnel of Love. As you ride through the tunnels, you may notice some classic sites around the world known for love, such as Venice, Italy, and Paris, France!

Pro Tip: You can email micahinsl@gmail.com to send a romantic message to be displayed on Valentine’s Day in the Tunnel of Love!

For the festival-goer that may be more into exploring the mental connection – feel free to take a stroll through MICAH’s romantic maze (which in true MICAH fashion) is a treasure hunt. Keep your eyes open for fun spots to pause and take a photo. The first 2 people to complete the treasure hunt will receive 1,000L!

If you are interested in attending MICAH’s Valentine’s Day Festival, visit the sim on Sunday, February 14!

To keep up with MICAH’s events, follow their Facebook page.