Navigating hardware for singing in Second Life

Making the choice to sing in Second Life is a big one, but when you’re starting out it’s hard to know what equipment you should be using. I was fortunate enough to have someone walk me through what to do but not everyone has a musical fairy godfather. I am here to pay it forward and walk you through my PC set up. I realize there are many different ways to set up for singing in Second Life and possibly cheaper ones, but this is the way that works best for me.

First and foremost I use a Chromebook to play my music, because for me if I try to stream music from my main PC and try to sing, you will hear one or the other, not both. While a Chrome book specifically isn’t necessary, I found it worked better than my iPad but didn’t take up as much space as a full-sized laptop.

From there I use an audio jack that plugs into my mixer from my laptop—for my set up I specifically need a 3.5mm 1/8″ TRS to Dual 6.35mm 1/4″ TS Mono Stereo Y-Cable Splitter Cord. The one pictured is the exact one I have.

3.5mm 1/8" TRS to Dual 6.35mm 1/4" TS Mono Stereo Y-Cable Splitter Cord

Splitter Cord

The mixer I currently use is lovely, I use a Yamaha MG06X, there are a lot of different mixers out there, but I chose this one because it has an -off- button. That was important to me as my old mixer did not have one and it ended up overheating and frying itself since I rarely turn off my main PC. It also has built-in FX which just takes your sound to the next level. There are many flavors of mixers out there so really this is all down to personal taste, but you should bear in mind when choosing one, not all of them have built-in FX. You will also notice that they require a standard microphone—there are a few mixers that take USB microphones, however, the quality is dubious at best so I won’t comment on those for the purposes of this post. 

Yamaha MG06X

Yamaha MG06X

From my mixer I have to connect to a USB audio interface. I use the Behringer U-Control UCA222 Ultra-Low Latency 2 In/2 Out USB Audio Interface with Digital Output.

Audio Interface with Digital Output

Audio Interface with Digital Output

This is what feeds the sound from your mixer to your PC, this will require a Dual 1/4 Inch To Dual RCA Audio Cable.

Now once you’ve got all that set up, you’re pretty much ready to go, you just need a broadcasting program, I use BUTT (broadcast using this tool) and I rent a stream in world, there are many places that rent streams, I don’t endorse anyone in particular. 

And that’s it, folks, that’s how I bring music to the masses! Like I said in the beginning, there are various ways of doing this, but this is how I do it and it works well for me! I hope this has helped someone take the next step in turning their dream into a reality, and if it has, drop me an invite to your show! -♥ Emma