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Welcome to Lutz Music

We created this website to be a resource to not just live musicians, but also for anyone working in the live music scene in Second Life. We want to make it easy for artists to find venues, and venues to find artists, and or both of them to find help with event hosting, streams and even creators to help them with custom-built artist boards, or streaming services.

This is a one-stop-shop for all things live music in SL but without the shop! it’s totally FREE!

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Rockstage Dreamvenue

Rockstage Dreamvenue


AN AWESOME SIM FOR EVERYONE NEEDS AND POSSIBILITIES. A LOT TO OFFER>> ROCKSTAGE VENUE : The venue has 2 different environments. For instance smaller sets,… Read More

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~EDGE~ Venue Review

September 21st, 2020|Reviews|

~EDGE~ Venue Review LutzMuic was invited to explore ~EDGE~, a charming, scenic, venue located along the northeastern coast of New England. Landing at the sim gives first-time visitors the opportunity to sit on the cozy ottoman and immerse themselves in

Behind the Scenes with EdinSL—Eclipse Festival

August 18th, 2020|Reviews|

Behind the Scenes with EdinSL—Eclipse Festival Ed (EdinSL) has not yet done it all - but through M.I.C.A.H.; he just might! From co-creating a venue with his family (SueinSL and PhilinSL) that supports musicians across the grid, to competing for

Singer—Roxanne DeVinna

August 11th, 2020|Interviews|

Artist Profile: Roxanne DeVinna Roxanne’s cheerful, friendly, voice and lively laugh welcome me before her body has fully rezzed—and when it does, a vibrantly attired woman with hair the color of fire fills my view. We chat for a bit

EdinSL Viral Voice—8th August 2020

August 9th, 2020|Reviews|

EdinSL Viral Voice—8th August 2020 The hum of quiet conversation filled the air as the audience, composed of the who’s who in Second Life’s music scene, sat in anticipation of Viral Voice’s third episode. The performers sat off to the

The Black Diamond Venue Review

August 3rd, 2020|Reviews|

The Black Diamond Lutz Music had the pleasure of visiting The Black Diamond venue at Reed Valley and we were not disappointed. Nestled on a picturesque, wooded wonderland, Reed Valley is one of Second Life’s premier sims dedicated to the

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